Monday, November 20, 2017

Pricing out a chapbook edition for your poetry can be somewhat daunting and time consuming as you research websites to compare services, add-ons, materials, fees, etc.

smallpress/handmade simply offers reasonable and sliding scale pricing to craft your chapbook in the spirit, style and vision that you have in mind. 
Below is a very short list highlighting a selection of services. Details of services and pricing are listed under the "S&P" tab in the upper left hand corner on this page.                                                                                                                       

Basic - All limited edition chapbooks from smallpress/handmade includes:
r  High quality, recycled stock for your book cover with wove or linen paper   
          for the body of your work.
r  Handset, Goudy Light 18pt letterpress type and/or 
          photopolymer plate impression book cover                                                 
In-house printed master copy of your edition of twenty-five chapbooks                                                                                   
Unique options:
r  Vintage stock and/or paper when available                                    
Hand-stitched binding                             
Hand-cut wood or linoleum graphics                    
r  Twenty, 4"x5" cards with a poem of your choice with graphics
r  Promotional materials such as book markers, table-top posters, photo post cards, fliers, banners just to name a few.
(In the works: Hard shell, fabric covered chapbooks! Details soon.)                           
                               "Collector's Edition Chapbooks"                                   
Supplement your current or recently published works with a 
            collection of selected poems in limited edition chapbook set.              

Themes for Consideration:                                   
smallpress/handmade will consider printing your work based around themes of peace and justice awareness/action, personal transformation and story, creation mindfulness, and inclusive spiritual, holistic reflection.        
      Writing samples received via DOC or PDF e-mail only.
       Three to six poems or theme samples are require for consideration.   


I look forward to serve the community of poets and writers and to foster an ongoing advocacy with all who value the art of handmade chapbooks. 

Thank you!                                       
Annie-hannah E. Mancini, mfa                              
                                      Print & Re-clamation Artist                        
            Woodstock, New York


Please Note:
All information concerning materials and/or services are subject to change and may periodically be updated to accommodate current pricing and/or demands.                                                          

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